Monthly Archives: May 2015

Welcome to The Market Is Talking To You

I’ve been trading for 15 years and have successfully learned to read the market and use my knowledge to beat the market most of the time.

For the first few years my trading was very erratic because like most new traders I didn’t have a clue. After several years of fumbling around and losing money I spent five grand and went to a trading school. I got the basics down and thought I was a market wizard. After a couple more years of up and down trading I finally started to get it. The only things I was missing were market direction, market and stock sentiment, investor sentiment, up and down momentum, P/E versus sector P/E, chart patterns, etc, etc.

The biggest problems I still have as a trader are patience and controlling my emotions. Without these elements of trading you can be a market wizard and still lose money. As time passed I acquired the skills I needed to trade successfully.

We all can learn new approaches to any situation.