Sells CXRX at $7.42, minus 26 cents.

If I had not sold two lots of this already this trade would be a loser. With the prior sells I,m up 16 cents. Wahoo

Concordia under pressure early amid cautious blog post that highlights a UK Health Service Medical Supplies (Costs) Bill  (5.50 -1.11)
9/16/2016, 9:37:40 AM ET

The Bill would amend the National Health Service Act 2006 to put beyond doubt that the government can require companies in the statutory scheme to make payments to control the cost of health service medicines. These payments can be either instead of, or in combination with measures to limit prices directly or control their profits. The Bill would also allow the government to apply penalties for non-compliance and to recover any payments owed through the courts following a right of appeal to a tribunal. The penalties can be a single penalty not exceeding £100,000 or a daily penalty not exceeding £10,000. UK Release

  • “The government intends to seek further views from stakeholders on the statutory scheme and the information requirements after the Bill comes into law. We are currently anticipating these consultations to take place over the spring/summer in 2017.”
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