blog endp d 8-24-2016

Sells 30 % of ENDP at $24.74.

That’s a $10.86 profit or 78%.

We have been in this for 3 1/2 months and had a few unpleasant moments but patients is king.

Next resistance is $35.40. My sell will be at $34.74.

We can thank LCI which reported last night after the market close and was  up as much as $7.63 this morning. VRX has also moved to new highs from it’s recent low.

VRX and ENDP are pharma companies that develop and sell patented drugs. They also gouge folks who buy these drugs buy raising prices to astronomical levels.

LCI develops and sells off patent generic drugs at market pricing. No gouging. Thus I sold none of that holding this morning.

The price gougers could get a big price shock (congressional action) at any time.



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