Sells rest of JOY 19.75

Joy reported bad earnings and guidance yesterday (see previous post).

The logic? for this trade was as follows;

The lower end of JOy’s guidance was 1.80. With a 10 P/E that gives me a value of 18.00. Support on the weekly chart is 17.06. The stock dropped 4.40 from the previous close, that’s 20 percent.

Although they missed their earnings by 7 cents they came in with with 54 cents, an O.K. profit, not going out of business.

Additionally JOY gapped down sharply after a long run down from the 65 dollar area. JOY could almost be considered a value stock at these prices.

Almost any large drop (15/20 percent or more) will bring in buyers if it doesn’t look like the company is going broke.

I had a tiered buy that would get me in at 17.51 if they had all filled. I considered a bounce off 17.06 a sure thing even if it goes lower later. Obviously I didn’t think it would reach 17.06.

The reason for the sell at 19.75 was a 50 percent retracement of the 4.40 drop

blog JOY 15 min 9-4-2015


and by belief that the overall market is going much lower and JOY is going with it.

I hope this is helpful.

Dave C.


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