VRX had a big up day yesterday.

blog vrx daily 7-7-2016

Walgreens Boot Alliance on Conference Call: VRX ticking higher after WBA said it is very pleased six months into the relationship with VRX; Shares of VRX press to early morning session highs in reaction  (83.52)
7/6/2016, 9:08:39 AM ET
Courtesy of Briefing.com
Valeant Pharma: WSJ Heard on the Street profiles positive view on VRX  (22.63 +2.66)
7/6/2016, 3:29:16 PM ET
Courtesy of Briefing.com
VRX has turned into a pure psychological play. After more bad news on 6/7/2016 VRX traded down to $18.55 over a three week period and then traded sideways for a week.
Yesterday WBA said they were happy with their new relationship with VRX.
VRX gapped up to $24.25 this morning before sellers moved to take profits from those $18 to $20 buys. Once the consolidation period is done VRX should move smartly higher. If you don’t already own a few shares now is the time to buy.
The WBA news takes away or a least alleviates the concern that VRX’s business model had been fatally damaged and that they could no longer maintain that model.
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